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Learn About the Blue Mountain Heritage Chorus

FOOD concert by the Blue Mountain Heritage concert

Originally founded as the Andulhea Heritage Chorus, Blue Mountain Heritage Chorus (BMHC) consists of neighbors, friends and people from all areas of Berks County.

Our chorus is a true ecumenical group made up of members from local Churches of all denominations including choir directors, organists, musicians, and vocalists who love to sing and share their voices with the community.

Preservation of our local culture was a central theme in the founding of our chorus which aims to preserve history and culture by performing the songs of the past. Over our ten (10) years of existence, we continue to remain true to our mission of preserving and performing the deep musical heritage and history of Berks county.

Since the birth of our chorus, which began as an idea spawned by the enthusiasm of a few volunteers,  BMHC has thrived and grown to a vibrant choral organization of over sixty (60) members who share their time, talent and treasure. Our season generally starts in late May or early June with our main concert in September. We perform at Cabela’s for Memorial Day and Independence Day and various Church and civic organizations and, for those who can join us, we continue in the month of December for the Christmas Season.

No auditions or formal musical training is required to become a member. The only prerequisite is a love of music and a commitment to attend rehearsals. All are welcome! For additional information contact Carol A. Kissinger at 610-488-7791.

Approximately 50 members.

Some of the places we've performed:

  • Christmas Concert held at “Belleman’s Church”, Dauberville, Pa.
  • Performance on “Berks Cable TV”, Reading, Pa.
  • Performed Christmas songs at “Hamburg’s tree lighting ceremony”, Hamburg, Pa.
  • Performed at “Methodist Church” on 3rd street in Hamburg on Hamburger Day, Hamburg, Pa.
  • Performed Christmas songs for the Red Kettle Concert at “St John’s Church”, Hamburg, Pa.
  • Performed Christmas songs at “Cabala’s Store” in Hamburg, Pa.
  • Performed Christmas songs at “Freidan’s Church” in Shartlesville, Pa. for their Winter Carnival.
  • Performed songs for the “Centerport Lyons Club”, in Centerport , Pa.
  • Performed with “Encore Choir” in Lauredale, Pa. for Christmas program.
  • Performed during church services for:  Belleman’s Church, St John’s Church of Hamburg; Salem United Methodist Church in Shoemakersville;  St. Lukes Lutheran Church in Shoemakersville, Pa.; Zion Lutheran Church, Perry Twp. Shoemakersville, Pa. ;  Mohrsville Church of Breathern, Mohrsville, Pa.; First United Church of Christ, Hamburg, Pa.
  • Performed for funeral a St. Mary’s RC, Tilden, Hamburg, Pa.
  • Performed for various functions or meetings for Andulhea Heritage Center.

List of Directors for BMHC:

(Modified Feb. 26, 2018)

  1. Donald Schilke
  2. David Rutt
  3. Linda Ebersole
  4. Jennifer Michalik
  5. Matthew W. Hayes
  6. Catherine S. Zimmerman

Assistant Director:

  1. Shirley Breininger
  2. Karen Freeman

Pianist were:

  1. Donna Davis
  2. Greta Erte
  3. Bonnie Levan
  4. Audrey  Christ
  5. Betsy Zimmerman Morgan
  6. Kate Kauffman
  7. Elaine Balthaser
  8. Jennifer Kerchner
  9. Linda Ebersole
  10. Helen Danenhower
  11. Nena Rawley
  12. Wellesley Keal (Deceased)
  13. Cody Knight

See photos from when we were known as the Andulhea Heritage Chorus!

Andulhea 2014: